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Diablo 4 Beginner Guide: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Play In this Diablo 4 Ultimate Beginner Guide Tips & Tricks video, I’m going to show you 10 things you should know before you start playing Diablo 4 very shortly. Even if you have played either the Betas or the Server Slam, these tips should be extremely helpful. So if you don’t want to slog through the earlier parts of Diablo 4, then this Guide is for you! 🤍diablo4.wiki.fextralife.com/Interactive+Map We’re going to cover lots of things in this Diablo 4 Ultimate Beginner Tips & Tricks Guide including selecting the right tier or difficulty mode depending on your goals, pushing the main story or doing specific side content, where to find the Altars of Lilith, which Dungeons to do, how to handle extra gear, whether you should respec your Skills or not, what Legendary Aspects to get, and so on! These are very, very helpful to maximize your time in the game while avoiding backtracking. Timestamps 0:00 - 10 Things You Should Know Before You Play Diablo 4 including Diablo 4 Best Class 0:52 - Diablo 4 Choosing Between World Tier 1 or World Tier 2 1:47 - Essential Activities to Prioritize 4:33 - Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith 5:37 - Selected Dungeons to Finish 6:50 - Diablo 4 How to Handle Extra Gear 7:48 - Don’t Be Afraid to Respec Your Skills 8:15 - Diablo 4 Legendary Aspects and What to Look Out For 11:17 - Upgrading and Enchanting Gear 13:05 - Pay The Alchemist a Visit 13:59 - What to Do with Gems & Gem Slots Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel for more! 🤍🤍twitch.tv/fextralife Follow us on social media: Facebook: 🤍🤍facebook.com/Fextralife/ Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/Fextralife Visit our wikis: 🤍🤍wiki.fextralife.com/ Check out our blog: 🤍fextralife.com/ Visit our forums: 🤍fextralife.com/forums/ #diablo4 #diablo4guide #activisionblizzard

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Diablo 4 Ultimate Beginner Guide
Diablo 4 Ultimate Beginner Guide
Diablo 4 Ultimate Beginner Guide
Diablo 4 Ultimate Beginner Guide
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2023-11-24 03:27:56


2023-11-18 09:30:55

Thank you very much, I so love this game but I needed to understand the tips so that I don’t progress too much and make mistakes

2023-10-24 22:32:07

im a new player and i just hear gibberish

2023-10-15 20:44:55

This is the first Diablo game I’ve tried an I’m having a blast.

2023-09-21 16:36:45

YK .. Diablo IV is GOTY 2 years in a row. All speculation is nill about how they would let this even become a bad game wait till expansion in pre season 2 you will get ripping 500 fps on a pizza hosted chromebook without even needing a GFX just like you need it and then when Friday comes you can stay up for 120 hours straight after you get past the slow parts noobs l2p GOTY

2023-09-17 19:54:23

Wait, so your skills points are not set in permanently once you spent that skill point on a skill? You can remove it and put it elsewhere at will?

2023-09-10 20:01:30

This isn't a beginner guide. WTF is reputation? this guy assumes I AM NOT AN EFFING BEGINNER! idiot.

2023-09-09 05:35:16

Ultimate beginners guide. Yea don’t but the game. 👍

2023-08-15 18:58:45

this was helpful thank you :)

2023-08-06 17:55:51

This for my first Diablo game I haven’t died much but I’m avoiding combat like crazy because I feel like I get overswarmed so quickly. And my attacks feel like they do no damage.

2023-08-05 16:37:21

This will be my first diablo game, the game looks good but all the builds and types of buffs are a bit intimidating.

Wish me luck lmao

2023-08-04 10:15:21

This video helped out a lot

2023-08-01 06:37:51

I’m downloading Diablo 4 now. I’m about to be so bad at this game.

2023-07-26 23:35:21

They made aspects Hella complicated. I don't know where to even start or what to do or even what's an aspect. Hella not user friendly game.

2023-07-24 15:56:25

Controller or keyboard and mouse?

2023-07-16 09:26:00

Where do i download this game?

2023-07-15 20:11:27

Shame you can’t find Fiend Roses to imprint / change aspects in legendary gear in the game unless you do Nightmare Mode or beyond

2023-07-12 23:07:09

thank you for this video. I bought Diablo 4 just because i wanted that crazy amalgamation mount for WoW. Just gonna try it out now lol I guess

2023-07-09 08:33:09

One very frustrating thing regarding gear that I find massively annoying is I can never tell when a new item is actually an upgrade even with my advanced tooltip on for comparison. I mean when is there enough of a total damage increase to warrant replacing an item that offers better enhancement to your bread and butter attacks. For example should I use a weapon that gives me a big upgrade in extra points of flat damage or stick with a weapon that grants me 2 levels of a main power I use like if I am a lightning Druid and it gives me two levels of lightning storm. Sometimes I have an item that has the 2 levels of a current ability enhancement plus other bonuses to damage with my other abilities but I find a new weapon that gives me an extra 140 flat damage. I How do you figure that stuff out as far as which is better? If you look on the character sheet stats it only lists total damage, not what that damage is when using your abilities or powers.

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