My Review of Diablo 4 After Playing Over 500 Hours



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Shroud tells the truth and gives his honest review of Diablo 4 after spending so many hours playing this game on and off-stream. WIN A LIMITED EDITION Diablo IV MAINGEAR MG-1 shroud Edition PC: 🤍 *SECRET* PROMO CODE ON ALL LOGITECH PRODUCTS: shroud THE PERFECT MOUSE - 🤍🤍 THE PERFECT PC - 🤍 ► Follow me! TWITTER → 🤍 TWITCH → 🤍🤍 YOUTUBE (2ND) → 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Check out Logitech's legendary gaming peripherals: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👌Channel Management - 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #gaming #shroud #diablo

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My Review of Diablo 4 After Playing Over 500 Hours
My Review of Diablo 4 After Playing Over 500 Hours
My Review of Diablo 4 After Playing Over 500 Hours
My Review of Diablo 4 After Playing Over 500 Hours
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2023-11-29 01:44:05

You played 500 hours, i refunded after 5 mins when i realized i couldnt zoom out from that ridiculous POV

2023-11-25 16:18:24

why do i feel like people are worrying about end game diablo 4 but are forgetting that end game diablo 3 was just one thing over and over again which is the same as diablo 4? or maybe diablo 4 has a few more options? but like diablo 3 was just rifts and bounties. and then just rifts once you got to a point then it was just pushing Grifts and thats it. nothing else. diablo 4 so far is nightmare dungeons aka rifts and lilith aka Grifts. with open world things to do here and there aka bounties. am i missing something?

2023-11-24 05:58:37

Many toxic kids are just brainlessly bashing Diablo 4 just because it is made by Blizzard. Most of them haven't even played the game and just review it based on their imagination. ALL of the cosmetics in the game is optional, if you can't afford it then just don't buy it. I really don't understand the logic of "I can't afford a car so I am gonna bark at every car that pass by me". about:invalid#zCSafez Even the contents of every season is free and the paid version season pass only contains cosmetics. And now Diablo 4 has improved a lot with season 2, blood harvest event is additive and fast to lvl up your toon. There is also an endgame Duriel boss now to grind for the best gear.

2023-11-23 05:33:35

It was a cash grab and the statistics will show it. Blizzard failed once again and you sitting their pretending to enjoy it, I jus thope your sponsored.

2023-11-22 17:33:23

no your wrong. when the sole purpose of developing a game becomes about making money, there is no substance in the game. because every developmental decision they make will be geared towards "how can we make this game look and play to make people spend money".

and we see plenty of games that are being developed with passion, innovation and for the gamers. and there are clear differences day and night. the quality if the games. sure they may not make billions but they still made good money.

not everything or everyone is about making billions shroud. u sold out

2023-11-19 02:08:33

Either shroud has shit taste in games or he is getting paid by Activision. Diablo 4 is proof that old Blizzard is long gone and there is no saving this company. This guy shouldn't judge games outside of FPS, he is clueless.

The only AAA developers that actually still try to make good games are capcom, nintendo, from software and platinum games.

2023-11-16 05:06:38

its not a review its rambling

2023-11-16 02:23:45

The stash problem is actually one of the worst mistakes that blizzard has made, but not for the reasons duscussed in this video.

They coded the game to load any players stash that you see in the game. So when you go hit up a legion, your pc knows what items every player present has in their stash. Add stash space and you increase the load on players pc's and the servers. Thus the stash in its current iterarion is extremely limited in scalability.

2023-11-15 21:20:42

Hey guys I’m streaming Diablo 4 every night at 9pm est

2023-11-12 18:44:24

shroud defending cash grabs pathetic

2023-11-11 17:55:52

As a longtime Diablo fan, it’s easy to say that Diablo is no longer Diablo. It’s no longer what Diablo was supposed to be. Diablo 1 was made as an “anti” to the slow cRPGs at the time (Planescape Torment, Baldur’s Gate 1&2, etc.). But D3 and D4 did the opposite of what D1 and D2 tried to become. An anti-RPG while still being an RPG. D3 and D4 literally became a pseudo MMORPG with ARPG mechanics as it’s foundation. I mean ever since D3 removed stat allocation based level up system, it already ruined the RPG part of ARPG. Even though in D4 you can now unlock skills of your choice, it still doesn’t feel like an ARPG. It now feels like an Action game with RPG elements with it’s gameplay loop and content delivery being clearly based off of MMORPGs. I get that games change and all but this ain’t it.

2023-11-09 19:41:59

Glad he left and went back to his Loser FPS games. Man I can’t stand this dude and his grandstanding

2023-11-07 01:42:08

This is not a review, it's another shitty promo for a shitty game.
Like fkn hell, don't you have enough money already.

Went from an absolute chill and respected fps legend to the YES corpo man, who ever pays the most.
Blizzard should hire you for game design, might have some wicked ideas they don't even came up with YET.

Dat fucking sucked, I just pretend I never seen this - wtf did I even watch. I'm so confused now.

2023-11-05 22:34:42

Cutting to the full screen Webcam view wasn't needed. Just keep the gameplay clip on instead of just 4 seconds of something. Made this really hard to tell what the game is like

2023-11-01 20:52:55

I think what people mean by "cash grab" is that they're unhappy with the AMMOUNT of cash grabby business that goes on. Its not that its just a cash grab lol, every BUISINESS is a cash grab. That's capitalism lol. I think its the SCOPE of how much they're doing these days that's the problem. And I don't think its JUST a problem in gaming either I think its actually apart of the culture here in the modern world. I think gaming is just something we recognize because a lot of us old heads got to grow up in the glory days of gaming, when games had to be finished at launch, online gaming wasn't AS MUCH of a thing and things were just focused differently. Its the same thing with everything out there if you think about it. Its not just games.

Look at every day shit. Washer machines and dryers, cars, Electronics and so on... EVERYTHING is being made shittier these days. Sure they can do all this cool shit, but stuff is being made intentionally faulty to manipulate repeat purchases. That's why you'll go through 2 washer/dryer sets in a decade. Thats why these cars have all these computers put in them and sensors. To give it something that can go bad. Cause problems. Induce repeat purchases and other forms of money. If you actually sit back and look at the entire world, its all a big pile of shit. Fancy, expensive, shiny, shit. That last half as long as the old square plain shit they had 50 fucking years ago. Sounded like you threw a fucking brick in the dryer when you turned it on, but it dryed your shit every fucking time didnt it lol. Face it, the world we are going into is not one being built with "quality" in mind. Its being built by a bunch of addicts who simply want as much money as they can get away with. Doesnt matter if were talking about the gaming industry, commerce, Tech, Home goods, groceries, Automotive, so on and so forth.

BUT thats kind of just how it is now. Money over values or morals. There's no real passion out there anymore, its just people doing shit to make money. Soulless shit it is. It creates all kind of issues we see in our modern little world.

2023-10-31 17:23:58

I feel like every season it becomes a slightly less of a stinky pile of shit

2023-10-30 13:39:31

500 hrs? Bless ya heart

2023-10-30 12:30:02

this is called a review? ok

2023-10-28 10:52:54

Thats why you play on private server and shit on devs that try and make money. They didn't support you, why support them ? Everything in life is free so just reach and take it. Your time is the most important thing to you and with time you make money. If everyone says this game is a cash grab, then them greedy basterds want to take too much of your time. So that's why you go and play private. Especially blizzard is a scumbag greedy company.

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